How is FB Advertising different from Google AdWords?


Many of my clients ask me this question. My clients are smart - almost all of them already have an experience of using Google AdWords for their product before starting with Facebook Ads. I see that some of them are making the same mistake: they are trying to replicate their Google AdWords ads for Facebook, and it is not working.

Why? Because Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are absolutely different in terms of customers’ behaviour.

People  search Google when they are already in need of wat they are searching for. They are already interested in the keywords that they typed in the search box. That’s why the average CTR (number of clicks per number of impressions rate) is 2%, according to WorldStream data. That’s not as bad as you think! :-)

People are hanging out on Facebook to look for entertainment and communication. They are not interested in buying a dress or signing up for an online course. That’s why the average Facebook CTR is more than a half less than for Google Adwords (0.9%).  

But what about the conversion rate (number of conversions per number of clicks)? For Google AdWords, it is 2.7%. For Facebook Ads, it is 9.21%. The difference is huge! It means that if you happen to catch Facebook users’ attention and persuade them to click on your ad, they are three times more likely to buy your product than people who search on Google.

That’s why the requirements for content for Facebook Ads are way higher than for Google AdWords. To make people click on the ad on Facebook, your video has to be really fun or engaging, your ad copy has to catch people’s attention right away, your offer has to be super appealing, or your boosted post has to tell a story that sparks people’s interest.

The usual bla-bla-bla like “Find New Winter Styles Perfect For The Season. Shop Xxxx Today!” won’t work on Facebook.

So, if you are advertising on Facebook, focus on the quality of the content of your ads to increase CPC. And when you are using Google Adwords, focus on your landing page quality to increase conversion rate.