How To Create A Perfect Instagram Bio


Instagram username (Instagram handle)
If you promote your business on Instagram, use its name as a username. If your business name is already taken as a username, try keeping your business name as the first part of your username so that people searching for your business are more likely to come across your account. DO you know that you can change your Instagram username anytime you want, right?

To make your profile searchable, you should include relevant keywords to include either your Instagram username, or Instagram name in your profile.

Instagram name (goes after the username)
Instagram name is where you should clarify what you sell, or what kind of services you provide. Describe your product or business in 30 characters.

Your bio has to answer the question: Why me? Why buying my service or product? And you have to be persuasive enough.
Even if you are a brand - add some personal touch to your business description. People buy from people!

Branded hashtags
Since March 2018 Instagram made hashtags in bio clickable. Now, users can click hashtag in your bio and see all the posts that contain that hashtag. For example, all posts about your new product, your company’s story, your own introduction, etc. You can use hashtags in bio as your IG profile’ navigation. Just make sure you create a unique hashtag with your brand’s name in it.
Also, let users know what hashtag they can use to share user-generated content with your brand.

Call-to-Action (CTA)
Which CTA to use? It depends on a way how you interact with your leads. Do you want them to go shopping on your website, send you an email, or DM on Instagram, or send an FB message? Add a relevant link to your bio. Change it as often as you want - just don’t forget to remind your readers that you updated a link in bio and why.
If you want to add several links to your profile, use Linketree or services. 
I like these services, but if you have a website, I'd recommend creating a landing page specifically for Instagram, and link to it from your bio.

Add your city.

Adding a city is important, even if you are not a local business. People want to know where you are located.

Visual and writing style

  • Use line breaks and spacing to make your bio easy to read.

  • Use emojis as bullet points, and choose them carefully so you can illustrate your point. Remember, that line breaks, spacing and emojis don’t always work the same way for web and mobile. Prioritize the mobile look.

  • Be original and fresh, don’t use writing cliche in bio!

  • Don't be too serious. This is not Linkedin, and even not Facebook. People are here to have fun and entertain themselves.

  • That’s all for today. Please ask your questions! I attached screenshots of Instagram profiles that I consider well-written and descriptive.