How To Use Instagram Stories


Why should you make Instagram stories a part of your marketing strategy?

  • More than 50% of active Instagram users watch stories, but not many users post them, so competition is lower than in the feed.

  • Instagram Stories are discoverable: people who don’t follow you can see your stories too.

  • Instagram Stories now have more features for the audience engagement than the feed posts.

What is Instagram stories?

  • A photo or a video, length - up to 15 sec for video, and 4 sec for photo. Dimension: 9:16 (full portrait) format is best for Instagram story as it occupies the whole screen on the phone, but you can use horizontal videos as well.

  • Instagram allows adding an unlimited number of stories in a row.

  • Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours unless you add them to “highlights”- stories that stay in your account as long as you want.

Instagram Stories basics

Whether you want to show some “behind the scenes” sneak-peek, publish a customer’s review, announce a sale or a new product launch, ask a question, etc. - create your posts with a purpose in mind.

CTA (Call to Action)
What do you want your followers to do after watching your story? Include a call to action in the end of the most of your stories. If your account has more than 10k followers, you can add an outbound link to your stories (“swipe up” feature). If not, you can offer your followers to check up your bio (link in bio), invite them to read your latest post, send you a direct message, or ask a question.

Stickers and GIFs
Stickers and GIFs are a big thing on Instagram Stories. Make sure you use them often and with creativity. I’d even recommend to use apps like InShot to use custom fonts, stickers, and create collages.

Polls and Questions
Poll and question stickers are great ways to engage your audience. If you want feedback from your audience - use a poll sticker to ask your followers a question. By using a questions sticker, you can get followers a chance to ask you a question. You can answer all their questions in your stories next day.


70% of people are watching stories with sound on. But it is a good idea to design a story the way it will make sense to watch it without sound.

Saving Instagram Stories

You can download/save your Instagram Stories (amazing feature if you running Instagram Stories ads!). Once you’ve created and posted you Instagram Stories, you can download individual posts, or even whole stories if you want to use them again for another piece of content.

Do you use Instagram Stories? What is your biggest struggle so far?