Planning Your Instagram Photoshoot


I can’t stress enough the importance of professional high-resolution pictures for Instagram marketing. Instagram users have much higher expectations for content they’d like to see on Instagram than on any other social network.

That is why having a professional photoshoot is a must-have if you want to promote your product on Instagram.

What you need to discuss with a photographer before the photoshoot to make sure you will get what you want.

  • The number of photoshopped images you will get as a result of photoshoot.

  • What details to highlight and the angles needed, how many close-ups for each product.

  • How many products you want to be photographed.

  • Images' size. At least 50% of all the images should be composed in such a way so you can resize them to 1:1 ratio (Instagram feed format). Try to avoid vertical images unless you want to run Instagram Stories Ads.

  • Images' rights. Make sure that the rights for using all the images are included in the price of the photoshoot.

  • What kind of images do you want? Do research on Pinterest by searching for the keywords related to your product. Do you want product-only images or in-context or lifestyle images? What kind of mood do you want these pictures to convey? Create a board on Pinterest and add there all the images you like. Share this board with your photographer.
    Also, you can search for related images on Instagram by using relevant hashtags. You can download images from Instagram using a service called Instagrab.

  • Light. Artificial light is more easily controlled, but you can get great product images using a natural light source as well, especially for lifestyle images.

What to think about when you are planning a photoshoot

Color scheme

While planning a photoshoot, keep in mind the color scheme for your Instagram feed. I’d recommend choosing 4-5 main colors you will be using consistently. If your product is very colorful, use neutral backgrounds.


Pictures of people, and especially those where people express emotions work better for Instagram. If you could hire a model (or ask a friend or do modeling yourself), that would be ideal!

Propes, accessories, backgrounds

To convey the right mood, or for adding a particular color to your picture, try to use different backgrounds or accessories, but don’t forget a golden rule - less is more.


Make sure you will have close-up pictures, where people can see the texture and smallest details of your product.

Where to find photographers and how much do they charge

  • Photographers in Boston area charge from $200 to $700 per photoshoot. Experienced photographers -$400-$700, beginners and students -$200-$300. I would recommend to check their portfolio first and see if they can create catchy product images.

  • If you like a photographer but not happy with his/her rates, try to negotiate.

  • I’m looking for photographers by asking for referrals in local Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

What's your experience working with a product photographer?