Generating leads with Facebook Messenger Ads, with no website and on a very limited budget


Yes, it is possible, even without a website. But if my client had a website, the final result would be even better, and CPA would be lower.


Box&Me, a family-owned shop that makes custom-made wooden jewelry boxes and armories.


Product line 1 – Women’s personalized jewelry boxes and armories. Each box is custom-made: a client can choose the size and the interior design of the box, pick the drawing for the top, color and a type of material for the interior. A price range is $200 - $600.

Product line 2 - men’s personalized valet boxes. Often times women buy a valet box as a birthday or holiday present for a men friend or a husband. A price range is $150 -300

Product line 2 – Men’s personalized valet boxes. Often times, women buy a valet box as a birthday or holiday present for a male friend or a husband. A price range is $150 -300.

Sales channels

Instagram, Facebook, Etsy-like websites, referrals.

marketing Goal

To create a funnel for generating sales consistently through Instagram and Facebook using Facebook Ads.


The company’s website is still in progress, so I could not retarget website’s visitors and create lookalike audiences from them. The budget was very limited.

Target Audience Map

Before I started working on Facebook Ads campaigns for Box&Me, I spent some time to understand their target audiences. I collected and analyzed all the information about the company and its products: Social Media profiles, info about previous sales, clients’ testimonials, etc. I identified several target audiences for the client and put them together in the Audience Map.

In addition, I have tested several strategies to see which one will get better results for my client. Below are the strategies:

Strategy # 1 To run Instagram Stories video Ads, then to run lead-generation Ads targeting people who have watched a stories video ad

Step 1. To run a video views campaign for Instagram Stories. I tested the following audiences: clients email list Lookalike 1%, Lookalike for people who engaged with the company’s Instagram account, Audience targeted by specific interests.

Step 2. To create a Facebook audience from people who watched the video and run Lead generation Ads campaign for this audience with an offer - 15% off in exchange of email address.

Step 3. To nurture leads using email-marketing. I set up the Facebook/Mailchimp integration using Zapier, and created an automated email with the offer.


·       The audience that performed the best: Clients’ email list Lookalike 1%.

·       Stories Ads video views: 0.05 cents/view, Relevance score – 9.

·       Lead Gen Ads: $8/lead.

After analyzing the results, we decided to move to the strategy # 2, because the overall cost per lead was around $15 (video views campaign + lead gen campaign), and it was more than my client’s maximum cost/per lead. Besides that, email marketing funnel hasn’t been ready yet, and my client didn’t have time to work on it at the moment.


Strategy 2 To run Facebook Messenger Ads with frequently asked questions as a conversation starter

Step 1 – Running Messenger Ads in Facebook and Instagram Feed. When people click on the Ad, they get to a Facebook messenger, and they can click on one of the frequently asked questions to start a conversation.

Ad types: Video Ads, Carousel Ads

Relevance score: 6

Cost/per result: $1.5 per Messenger conversation

Conversion Rate (how many people have ordered a jewelry box from those who started a conversation): - 10%

Current cost per conversion: - $15


Step 2. Optimizing the current campaign

  1. Optimizing CPC by testing new audiences, and new videos.

  2. Optimizing the sale process in the Messenger by testing different selling strategies.


how we could improve these results

I recommended to my client to finish her website as soon as possible. When ready, we could use the 2-step process to generate sales. Firstly, to run Facebook clicks campaign to pour traffic to the website. Secondly, to retarget people who have visited the website, by using the Messenger Ads Campaign.

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