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Instagram design and branding

Creating pleasing Instagram feeds and attractive branded Stories with custom branded templates that are designed exclusively for your business.

Instagram store + shoppable tags

  • Instagram + ecommerce platform integration

  • Instagram Store set up

Instagram product photoshoot

  • Branded Photography

  • Photo Shoot Styling

  • Selecting Images for Instagram

Instagram video (Stories, Video Ads, Instagram Feed)

  • Writing video scenarios

  • Organizing and styling video shoots

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Influencer research

  • Influencer selection

  • Running influencer marketing campaigns

  • Evaluating the results

Instagram graphics

  • Stories Highlights icons - $10 per icon

  • Instagram branded promo post templates - $15 per template

  • Instagram branded Stories templates - $10 per template

Instagram ads management

  • Facebook pixel setup & conversion tracking

  • Facebook + CRM integration

  • Email communication & updates

  • Zapier Integration, lead generation Ads

  • Facebook Messenger Ads

  • Facebook Dynamic Ads

  • Instagram Stories Ads

  • Facebook messenger bots (Manychat)

one-to-one instagram consultation - 2 hours

What we will cover:

  • What followers count growing techniques are best to use

  • What engagement techniques will work for your business

  • How to use Instagram Stories and Instagram Stories highlights

  • How to set up Shoppable Tags, and how to work with them

  • Content strategy (Stories, Feed)

  • Does it make sense to collaborate with influencers for your business, and what kind of influencers

  • Instagram Ads - what results you could get and for what budget

  • What to include in Instagram Bio to make it clear for your followers what you are selling

  • How to improve Instagram design and content (photo, video)

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